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What is BIM? 

BIM (which stands for Building Information Modelling) is a process used for creating and managing information on a construction project, one of the key parts of this process is the creation of a 3D model, this is typically achieved using the software ‘Revit’. The Architect creates a 3D model of a building to a client’s specification that is then used as the base for the other contractors to create their own 3D models - 
A Structural Contractor creates a 3D model typically showing foundations, floor slabs and lift shafts. 
A Steel Contractor creates a 3D model showing the steel framework. 
A Mechanical Contractor creates a 3D model showing ductwork routes for air circulation, etc. 
An Electrical Contractor (such as Barrie Beard Ltd) creates a 3D model showing cable tray routes and all electrical fixtures. 
The result… A collaborative co-ordinated 3D model the client is able to digitally walkthrough that contains any information that may be required and can be used for creating and managing data during the design, construction, and operations process. 

Digital Built Britain 

Barrie Beard Ltd proud to be compliant with the government’s aim of a ‘Digital Built Britain’ 
As well as 2D (and 3D) AutoCAD drawings, we have been using Revit for a number of years and are now proficient in BIM, which enables us to create detailed room-by-room Elevation Drawings and add 3D imagery to 2D drawings for clarity of awkward areas when required. 
As a company we have training in creating our own bespoke Revit Families, meaning we are not limited to only what families are available online which makes us able to work to a high standard & create anything that is required. We also use Navisworks Clash Detection to collaborate with other Contractors involved in the project ensuring a smoother installation on site, so whether you’re adept to BIM or new to the 3D design process our dedicated in-house team are here to help. 

What are the benefits of BIM? 

Visualising the Final Product 
BIM enables the client to get a better insight into how the project will flow, allowing the client to experience what each room/space will offer and it gives them the ability to make amendments before construction starts which will save costs and also time later in the project. 
Better Coordination between Trades 
BIM also allows for better co-ordination between trades and subcontractors by detecting any clashes before construction begins. Will any of the electrical containment clash with the mechanical’s ductwork? This can all be clash detected using a software called ‘Navisworks’. This prevents us from having to find alternative routes onsite. 
Reduce Cost and Wasted materials 
BIM can also help to reduce overall cost. This can be in many different ways, such as, reduced wasted materials and labour costs when using clash detection to foresee any issues before they arise onsite due to the enhanced detail of the design. 

BIM Process 

BB Drawing Journey 
How we use BIM to our advantage  
Revit Families / Content Creation 
What levels can we produce 

Barrie Beard utilising latest technology 

2D CAD / 3D CAD 
3D Modelling 
Cable Design 
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