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Success with innovative, diverse project resulting in a hugely positive impact on the environment 
This project shows a diverse and interesting contract at the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus in York.  
A total of 610 new light fittings has been erected over a four-phase period at this site in York. The fittings have been trialled by the gardeners for 2 years against several competitors. The ‘Attis 7’ has ‘hands-down’ thwarted all of the competition for reliability and growth rate.  
Barrie Beard Ltd designed a bracket that allows the gardeners to raise and lower the lights with ease rather than having to use lifting machines. The fittings are now 7.4 kgs rather than 50 kgs in weight. 
This diverse project has been a huge success for Barrie Beard Ltd and with a lighting reduction from 400 watts of energy consumption to 200 watts this will clearly have a huge impact on the environment. 

Barrie Beard Ltd’s scope of work included 

To replace all of the artificial growing lighting as well as undergoing several LED replacements across the whole facility. The National Agri-Food Innovation Campus are very keen on energy saving solutions, and hence we offered an open consultation for guidance and installation. 

Project Data 

CLIENT: Capita 
DURATION: Over 4 phases with various durations to suit the gardener's activities 
COMPLETED: January 2018 

Environmentally friendly lighting reduction  

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