Olympic Compliments from John Sisk & Son Ltd

This complimentary email was sent from Mr Mick Powell, Quality Manager to his colleagues at John Sisk & Son Ltd on 22/12/11 in relation to our recent Olympic contract.


I will be signing off shortly and would like to say farewell & I hope that you all have success in the future. Before I go, may I just point out a little diamond in the rough. I have worked for many major contractors over the years and the one common theme has been the continuous battle with the M&E Contractor.

However with Barrie Beard Ltd this was never the case. They became involved from the outset, took on design responsibilities which they had no contractual obligation to provide, and generally had a ‘can do’ attitude to all situations.

Their approach was at all times professional, with constant dialogue. When their access dates were passed without them being able to commence they insisted on this being made a matter of record, not to then request acceleration costs, but purely so that everyone was aware that they were not to blame. They finished all their works within set timescales and to a standard above what the client thought they would be offered for a temporary structure.

Services contractors with their attitude are few and far between, you would do well not to lose them.”

Mick Powell, Quality Manager – John Sisk & Son Ltd, London.