Super Photos from IM Properties

This impressive high end, ‘four’ element project has just completed in August 2019. The new build IM Headquarters in Shirley, West Midlands has a total of 80,000 sq.ft and a project value of £30 million.

  • * Firstly, new high specification offices which will house the new headquarters for IM properties and is based over three floors. Windows on the second floor offices have ‘smart glazing’ and at the touch of a button will change from clear to clouded glass for heightened privacy.

* Secondly, the training academy which consists of training rooms with car ramps and workshops.

* Thirdly, a building for one of IM Properties charity’s namely ‘Christian Vision’.

* Fourthly, all external lighting plus feature ponds and fountains.

See our IM Properties portfolio above for some super photographs!